What you need to know about COVID-19 in Ottawa on Tuesday, Jan. 25

Key updates on COVID-19 in the region

CBC · Posted: Jan 25, 2022 4:00 AM ET 

Ottawa Public Health’s main COVID-19 hospitalization and ICU counts rose Tuesday. It also reported five more COVID deaths, meaning 50 of these deaths have been reported in the last three weeks.

In Tuesday’s daily update, OPH shared more information about people with COVID-19 in area hospitals, not only people who were admitted to hospital due to COVID-19 symptoms.

Quebec Premier François Legault will hold a COVID-19 news conference at 2 p.m. ET where he is expected to announce a slight easing of some pandemic restrictions, specifically for restaurants and sports.

Numbers to watch

Testing can’t meet demand during the Omicron wave, meaning many people with COVID-19 won’t be reflected in the case countHospitalizations and wastewater monitoring can help fill in some of the grey areas.

The average level of coronavirus in Ottawa’s wastewater has stabilized at a very high level. It’s also high and stable in Kingston.

There are 103 Ottawa residents in local hospitals for treatment of active COVID-19 as of Tuesday’s daily Ottawa Public Health (OPH) report. Seventeen of these patients are in an ICU. Both numbers are rising.https://e.infogram.com/3a36790b-e35b-42ae-9c4f-b69c522ad1e7?src=embed

They also don’t tell the entire hospital picture: as of Sunday, there were 169 hospital patients with COVID in Ottawa, evenly split between those needing care for COVID and those in hospital for other reasons who happen to have COVID.

As of Tuesday, Ottawa has had 56,193 confirmed cases of COVID-19. There are 3,237 known active cases — a number that may actually be much higher — and 675 residents have died from the illness.https://e.infogram.com/1f07029e-d7dc-4b56-99a1-74c882d38abd?src=embed

Local public health officials have reported more than 120,000 COVID-19 cases across eastern Ontario and western Quebec. The last case total update from the Eastern Ontario Health Unit was Jan. 14 as it makes reporting changes.

Outside of Ottawa, the wider region has about 180 COVID-19 hospitalizations, with 26 of them needing intensive care. Those numbers have been relatively stable and don’t include Hastings Prince Edward Public Health, which has instituted a different way of reporting.

In eastern Ontario outside of Ottawa, 300 people with COVID-19 have died. In western Quebec, the death toll is 252.https://datawrapper.dwcdn.net/vbYl8/2201/

What are the rules?

Eastern Ontario:

The province’s private gathering limits are five people indoors and 10 outside.

Indoor dining, gyms and museums are among the closures, while other businesses and religious services can reach 50 per cent capacity.

The province plans to roll back these rules in stages starting Monday, when most closed businesses can reopen and private gathering limits go back up. The step after that is planned for Feb. 21.

In-person learning is back.

Local officials can also change rules, such as in Ottawa for outdoor masks and Tyendinaga for classroom reopening.

The province’s vaccine passport is required for many public places for people above 12 years and 12 weeks old. People can prove they’ve had at least two vaccine doses with a paper or digital document that has a QR code.

Western Quebec

Indoor gatherings involving more than one household bubble are generally prohibited.

Restaurant dining rooms are closed, as are most places of worship. Indoor sports have also been cancelled.

Schools are reopen for in-person learning.

A vaccine passport is in place for most people age 13 and up in many public spaces. People can use an app or show paper proof they have at least two doses.

Quebec’s health minister said earlier this month that people will eventually have to have three doses for the passport. The premier said people who remain unvaccinated without a medical exemption will have to pay a health tax.

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