Two-Thirds of Voters Nationwide Support Investments in Zero-Emission School Buses

By Rewable Energy Magazine

The  American Lung Association  has released new poll results showing that an overwhelming majority (68%) of American voters – across all major demographic groups – support Congress investing in zero-emission school buses for children nationwide.

The poll findings are released as Congress considers a major infrastructure package, including a proposal to invest $20 billion to transition one-fifth of the country’s school buses from diesel-powered vehicles to electric, zero-emission buses. The findings also come on the heels of President Biden’s remarks on his Build Back Better Agenda calling for the immediate transition to healthier school buses.

“Close to 25 million kids ride to school every day on diesel-powered school buses that emit millions of tons of pollution per year,” said American Lung Association National President and CEO Harold Wimmer. “All children deserve to travel to and from school safely, without inhaling dangerous exhaust fumes. The toxic pollution in diesel exhaust can harm children’s brain development and respiratory health.”

The nationwide support for zero-emission buses aligns with state-level polling results. In Arizona and Georgia, majorities of voters (69% in Arizona; 64% in Georgia) support the transition to zero-emission buses. In West Virginia, a majority of voters (60%) agree that it’s important to invest in electric vehicles, like buses, in order to reduce the impact of harmful pollution on children’s health.

Administered by Global Strategy Group, the poll also shows that majorities of voters think that transitioning to zero-emission school buses will spur American innovation, benefit the health of children, and help effectively combat climate change.


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