Quebec shells out $25 million for business digital transformation

Daniel J. Rowe Digital Reporter

The Quebec government is shelling out almost $25 million for businesses looking to enter the future.

Economy and Innovation Minister Pierre Fitzgibbon announced that the CAQ government will release $24.6 million to support eight projects under the Digital Transformation Offensive (OTN).

The money is meant to help 2,000 businesses in the province make a digital shift, and raise awareness of going digital for around 6,000 others.

“Today, we are continuing the implementation of this initiative by collaborating with new associations that master the issues and challenges of their sector, which will allow us to properly meet the needs of SMEs (small and medium-sized businesses). In a context of labour scarcity, the digital shift is essential to the success of Quebec businesses,” said Fitzgibbon.

The CAQ government has already invested $56.8 million in the OTN, which was launched in March to help businesses accelerate their digital shift.

The OTN’s total budget is $130 million with an announcement coming in March on further projects.

The funding announced Monday will go towards funding the RCEI (Réseau des centres d’expertise industrielle) ($6.48 million), the Institute for Digital Governance ($3 million), and Sensation Mode of Quebec’s fashion and design industry ($2.8 million).

“Although our SMEs are aware of the importance of initiating or continuing their digital transformation, they must be brought to action, in the right way, and, above all, more quickly,” said Julie Ethier of the RCEI. “By exploring, comparing, experimenting or implementing new technologies, Quebec companies will improve their competitiveness and be in an excellent position to stand out on the world stage.”

The five other projects funded are:

  •  The Regroupement des cabinets de courtage d’assurance du Québec ($3.76 million)
  •  The Conseil de la transformation alimentaire du Québec ($2.64 million)
  •  The Mouvement québécois de la qualité ($2.37 million)
  •  The Institut des manufacturiers du vêtement du Québec ($2 million)
  •  Événements Attractions Québec ($1.5 million), in partnership with the Ministère du Tourisme

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