NIO announces NIO Power 2025 battery swap station deployment plan

By Robin Whitlock

NIO held its first NIO Power Day in Shanghai, China, on 9th July , sharing the history and core technologies of NIO Power and unveiling ‘NIO Power 2025’, the company’s battery swap station deployment plan.

NIO Power, a power service system based on NIO Power Cloud, provides a holistic charging and swapping service experience to users via its extensive power network encompassing battery swap stations, charging stations, Power Mobiles, and professional service teams. Thus far, NIO has built 301 NIO Power Swap stations, 204 Power Charger stations and 382 destination charging stations in China and completed more than 2.9 million swaps and 600,000 uses of One-Click-for-Power services.

To provide a better power service experience to its rapidly growing user base, NIO will further expand NIO Power’s charging and swapping network. This year, the company has raised its target of having over 700 battery swap stations installed by year end. From 2022 to 2025, it will install 600 new battery swap stations in China. By the end of 2025, the company will have more than 4,000 battery swap stations worldwide with around 1,000 outside of China. Meanwhile, its charging and swapping system and BaaS (Battery-as-a-Service) will be made fully available to the industry.

In China, a residence within a 3 km radius from a battery swap station is known as a ‘Swap Station District House’. Currently about 29 percent NIO users live in the swap station district. In 2025, 90 percent NIO users in China will be living less than 3 km away of a battery swap station.


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