2.8 million workers left outsourcing

By Diego Coto

More than 2.8 million workers are no longer in outsourcing and their wages increased by 14%.Taxpayer Provided ©

After the entry into force of the outsourcingreform,more than two million 800 thousand workers have left the subcontracting scheme.https://widgets.informars.com/c/standard/mx/es/creditcard/widgets/CreditCardsWidget.aspx

In addition, according to Luisa María Alcalde, head of the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare (STPS), the average salary of these workers rose by 14%.

For Alacalde, this confirms that subcontracting was used as a scheme to evade labor responsibilities of real employers.

This practice, known as under-registration, consists of registering a worker with the IMSS with a salary lower than the one he actually receives. According to the Institute, under-registration caused a loss of revenue of 21 billion pesos per year.

Labor inspections will follow

During the presentation of the study The Effect of the Youth Building Program during the Pandemic, Mayor also spoke about the future impact that the reform will have. Specifically, with the new method of profit sharing that will begin in 2022 and the improvement in general of workers’ rights.

Video: AMLO showcases companies that were forgiven taxes in previous governments (Dailymotion)https://www.dailymotion.com/embed/video/x84ctm5?api=postMessage&autoplay=1&id=afbh5ses&muted=1&origin=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.msn.com&queue-enable=falseReproductor de vídeo de: Dailymotion (Política de privacidad)

Now, the STPS, the IMSS, SAT and Infonavit will begin the coordination process to detect non-compliance with the reform in the labor and fiscal sector.

For this year, the goal of the STPS is to carry out 40,000 labor inspections. In addition to focusing on subcontracting, the inspections will monitor working conditions and safety of miners, combat child labor and sanitary conditions.

2.8 million workers left outsourcing (msn.com)

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